Should You Run From Jesus Always?


The Jesus of Jesus Calling matches the description of a demonic spirit guide to a tee.

Letter from a woman who is still recovering from Jesus Always. This is not a Christian devotional. Instead Jesus Always devotional readers become connected with demons through New Age practices. That's why you need to RUN from the Jesus Always devotional.

Well, this will not be short. But I hope my testimony will impress upon people how destructive this book can be when given to young Christians.

I started following Jesus 2 years ago. Along with the Bible, the 2 books I was given were God Calling and Jesus Calling. Being a new Christian, I didn't have the Biblical knowledge to spot the blatant heresies in God Calling, and thus didn't find it odd that Jesus Calling used God Calling as it's inspiration. I also had no Christian community or friends. Guess that made me an easy target.

I would wake up each morning and do exactly as Young did- sit and listen. And lo and behold, I began hearing a small voice. The being introduced itself as Jesus and spoke exactly the way Young's Jesus did. Before long, I was spending hours a day with this "Jesus." It explained Bible verses, I could feel it as a presence (just as Young claims to), and like Young's experiences, I'd often feel this blissful feeling. Like Young, sometimes I'd just sit and feel this feeling instead of listening.

Nothing this Jesus I was following ever said anything that directly contradicted the Bible. In fact, most of what it said was truth.

Over time, however, as I read more of the Bible, I began to notice things that didn't line up. For example, Young's (and my) Jesus was far too flattering to be the Christ of the Bible. This Jesus was also elevating listening time above time spent in the Word of God. And lastly, this Jesus was more or less acting in the role of the Holy Spirit, which didn't match with the Bible.

I also found it odd that while the Bible placed so much emphasis on the Word of God¦.Young's Jesus didn't. Sure, scriptures were quoted, but often that was about it. Both Young's Jesus and the spirit I was following placed experience and my presence above everything else. The spirit I was following also quoted scripture (once it even explained a passage to me), but scripture took a backseat to listening. My faith was being built on experiences and feelings. Something in me knew this was wrong.

I then realized there was a difference between the types of meditation endorsed by Young's Jesus vs the Bible. The Psalms instruct you to meditate on the Word of God, aka devoting time to thinking about it. You are never instructed to "clear your mind" or "let your mind go blank" so Jesus can "drop words into your mind". That is a New Age/Eastern religion form of meditation, not a biblical one.

The last nail in the coffin was reading 1 John 4. Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God. That hit me like a ton of bricks. See, Christ came in the flesh. He was glorified flesh after He resurrected, and He ascended bodily into heaven. Christ straight up said I'm leaving and will send the Holy Spirit in my place. Christ ds not take the role of a spiritual guide who is around you 24/7. That is the job of the Holy Spirit, and even then, the Holy Spirit is indwelling in you. He dsn't follow you around like a guide. This may be confusing to Christians who have never dabbled with the New Age idea of a spirit guide, but there is stark difference between the two. Ex “New Age people will know exactly what I mean. The Jesus of Jesus Calling matches the description of a demonic spirit guide to a tee.

I rejected this false Jesus a few months later, and not surprisingly, "Jesus" turned nasty. Any doubt on whether I'd been deceived was removed as the demon showed its true colors. I had unwittingly given this spirit full access into my life and had no idea how to close the door. I was physically attacked in front of people, and sexually assaulted by a man who told me, chillingly, that "Jesus had sent him." I will not go into detail of what happened over those few months, but it was torture. There were times when I was curled up yelling in pain while my father held my hand praying. Thankfully, God sent me two mature, Biblically sound Christians who had seen this before. By the mercy of God I was kept safe- I would be dead if God hadn't intervened.

Keep in mind that I truly wanted to follow Jesus Christ. I genuinely loved God and wanted to follow Him. I˜m not going to make any judgments on Young's character- like I was, she may truly be thinking she's talking to Jesus Christ and trying to follow Him. But the Jesus she's speaking to ds not match the Christ of the Bible.

I do not think the church as a whole realizes how deceptive the devil can be. 1 Cornth 11:14 for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. The devil can give you 99.9% truth and .1% error. As seen by Christ's temptations in the desert, the devil can quote scripture with the best of them. I've seen him fake the Holy Spirit, fake angels, fake Jesus, fake prophecy, fake miracles, fake God¦just because it sounds good or encouraging dsn't mean it's from God.

I'm still recovering from the last year. After I rejected the false Jesus, the resulting attacks were so severe I developed a conditioned fear response to both Jesus' and the Holy Spirit's name. The trauma was to the point where I was having panic attacks in church. Father God has been healing this slowly, and the Jesus Christ I'm getting to know is very different than Young's Jesus.
The devil ds not care if you are following Jesus¦.as long as you are not following THE Jesus Christ who can save you.

Brothers and sisters- if you want a dose of hope to start your day, go to Scripture. God has spent thousands of years putting together a huge letter to every one of you. Like Romans 15:4 says , For whatever was written in former times was written for our instruction, so that by steadfastness and by the encouragement of Scriptures we may have hope.

I hope this will help somebody. God bless.


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