Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Jesus Always ProblemsProblems With Jesus Always

This web site brings out some of the problems with Jesus Always. This book is the sequel to Sarah Young's first book, Jesus Calling.

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There are two categories of problems with Jesus Always:

1) It presents a "Jesus" who not only does not understand scripture, but he flat out teaches things that are not Christian and lead people away from salvation. That's a serious charge, and one that takes more than a single web page to prove. Please read through the articles on this web site, but to get the information you need please get a copy of "Should I RUN From Jesus Always?"

2) Jesus Always is not Christian, it is a gateway to New Age practices and teaching. What does "gateway" mean?

As a gateway, Jesus Always teaches the reader the foundational practices of New Age spirituality, without explaining what they are or taking the reader all the way to full New Age practices. It gets the reader comfortable with, and believing that these practices are Biblical when, in fact, they are not found anywhere in scripture.

Problems With Jesus AlwaysOne of the foundational beliefs of New Age is that god is within us, and the god within us will speak to us to guide us in our lives. However, he speaks with a still, small voice, so we need to quiet ourselves so that we can hear his voice. This is called practicing the Presence (notice that the "P" is capitalized.) That is a major problem with Jesus Always, it promotes a New Age understanding of Presence (capital "P"), as it continually urges you to come into and be in "My Presence." ("My" refers to Jesus.)

To come into the Presence you need to relax, be quiet, forget about the past and future (be in the now), and quiet (silence) your thoughts so you can feel the Presence. Typical methods for quieting your thoughts include short repetitive prayers, breath prayers, and keeping your thoughts on the present moment (present moment awareness). You'll see these, and other New Age beliefs and practices, taught throughout Jesus Always.

So please read the articles on this web site. Use the "Jesus Always" and "Web Exclusive" menus above for articles directly about the Jesus Always devotion. You'll also find good information about New Age beliefs (revealing things you probably didn't know) on the "New Age" menu.

Also, please get a copy of "Should I RUN From Jesus Always?" You might also consider getting a copy of "RUN! It's Jesus Calling" which provides a look at Sarah Young's other major devotional. It has some additional perspectives.

Take a look through the table of contents of "Sarah Young's Jesus Always Devotion EXPOSED!" (click here) online.


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