Should You Run From Jesus Always?

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RUN! It's Jesus Calling

This book reveals that the long-time best selling devotional, Jesus Calling, is not a Christian devotional. Using scripture as the foundation of truth, Jesus Calling is revealed to present a false Jesus promoting a New Age agenda.

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Happy Are The...

It's seems the world is seeking happiness, but is not finding it. Jesus has the answer. And you can get that answer in the Beatitudes. Intended for new believers and unbelivers, this short book will help them to better understand Jesus' message in the Beatitudes.

Happy Are The... Press Release

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Should You RUN From Jesus Always?

Rocketing to the top of the sales charts in its first month, Jesus Always became an instant best-seller. But... is it truth? You'll get the answer in this book, and it's not a pretty picture. YES! You should run from Jesus Always.

Now available! Get your copy on Amazon today.

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The Presence of God:
A Commentary on the Book of Esther

Esther is one of two books in the Bible in which God is never mentioned. There is nothing about prayer, the Temple, the Levitical law... nothing. It's as though God and Judaism did not exist. Why? That's a good question. You cannot understand the book of Esther until you can answer that question. You'll get the answer in this new book, as well as an understanding of the true presnce of God.

Available by the end of January 2017.

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