Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Interview With Warren Smith (Part 1)

From Getting Into the New Age Movement to Becoming A Christian

Warren Smith's Testimony (29 minutes)

Hear the amazing story of how Warren Smith became involved with New Age practices, starting with a ball of light appearing above his head. Follow his journey through the mystical New Age practices until Christ reveals the evil blackness of New Age and brings Warren out of it and to trusting in Christ as his savior.

This is part one of this interview. You'll learn about some of the practices and beliefs of New Age teaching, and how the effects are very real... although the "benefits" are false and do not last. Warren will describe how people are decieved and drawn into these beliefs by the demons who are behind New Age/contemplative prayer practices. He names names and points out what to look for to avoid mystical practices that are in opposition to Christianity... but are now commonly found in the church.



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