Should You Run From Jesus Always?

From The New Age To Jesus

Warning The Church About New Age Practices and Teaching

This is part one of a two part presentation about New Age practices and how they are becoming a part of the "Christian" church. New Age is not a 60's fad that has faded away. It is a religion that continues to grow and infect the Christian church. New Age practices include things such as yoga, mindfulness, and contemplative prayer. For example, many churches have yoga classes to help people stretch and relax. But, what are they really doing? Yoga is the central practice in Hinduism. Without yoga there is no Hinduism. The body movements are designed to bring you into unity with the Hindu gods... and it works. New Age practices such as Hinduism are not just stretching exorcises, or fun games... they are religious practices that work... putting into the realm of demons and the occult. Watch the video and learn more from someone who was deeply involved in New Age practices.



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