Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Bob DeWaay Interviews Brian Flynn

Running Against The Wind

The best explanations of New Age teaching and practices that I've heard are the Bob DeWaay interviews with Brian Flynn. This is a 16 part series, with each part running about 35 minutes. It is based on Brian Flynn's book, "Running Against The Wind."

This series are from Bob DeWaay's radio program. MP3s are available in his radio broadcast archive (click here). You'll need to scroll down until you get to broadcasts from 2011. The following is a summary of the 16 broadcasts as described on Bob DeWaay's radio broadcast archive page::

Part 1 - Brian's early life as a Roman Catholic, disillusionment, and an occult doorway.

Part 2 - Practices and teachings Brian was exposed to while in the New Age movement.

Part 3 - Brian's movement from the Unity Church, to astral projection, to psychic readings, all of which taught the lie that "all paths lead to God."

Part 4 - Brian's experiences with spirit guides.

Part 5 - How God used evidence for the reliability of Scripture to bring Brian to Christ.

Part 6 - Key New Age beliefs such as: "all paths lead to God"; "truth is personal and private"; "experience takes priority over logic"; and "using logic and reason to analyze religious ideas is against their religion."

Part 7 - New Age practices such as astrology, channeling, aura reading, Yoga, and guided imagery.

Part 8 - The New Age/postmodern view of truth as personal and subjective, and not absolute, and how destructive this thinking is.

Part 9 - Teachings found in popular New Age books and how Oprah Winfrey's popular talk show has promoted New Age books.

Part 10 - Lectio divina, contemplative prayer, the desert fathers, and Thomas Merton, showing how mysticism has entered the church.

Part 11 - Warnings about Richard Foster's teachings about breath prayer, centering prayer, contemplative prayer, and a renamed version of New Age Astral Projection.

Part 12 - Cataphatic prayer, the use of the imagination, the danger of another Jesus, spiritual directors, and the problem of syncretism with Eastern religions.

Part 13 - The teachings of Brennan Manning, the problems of the Kundalini effect, and how contemplative prayer is not Christian prayer as defined in the Bible.

Part 14 - Warnings about the dangers of altered states of consciousness and show that contemplative prayer creates the same altered states that Eastern meditation does.

Part 15 - Examining the radical teachings of Thomas Keating, Wayne Teasdale, Alan Jones, and others. They promote unity with other religions through "Interspirituality."

Part 16 - How mysticism has become the new spirituality in many churches, and how some Emerging Church leaders use the same arguments against Christianity that Brian used when he was a New Age advocate.

While you are at Bob DeWaay's radio broadcast archive, check out some of the other programs. They are informative, understandable and discuss some of the most important issues in Christianity today.


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