Should You Run From Jesus Always?


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Time to time, as we receive emails and have time, we'll post them here on this web site.

For more information about the many problems with the Jesus Calling devotional, go to our RUN! It's Jesus Calling web site.

When my book "RUN! It's Jesus Calling" first came out I was warned that I could expect to get a lot of hate mail. I've been pleasantly surprised. It hasn't happened. There are many more positive emails than negative ones. Thank you for the encouragement. If you haven't emailed me yet with your story, please do.

"We happened to be able to get a copy of your book, “Run! It’s Jesus Calling.” This is just to say, WELL DONE. We already held the same views, so were wondering what you were gonna put, and we think you did an excellent job of it. So this is just to say thanks for that, and taking the time." - Stan

More Emails About Jesus Calling:

"You've simply blown me away! I thought Jesus Calling was a pretty good way to start my day, but not after reading RUN! It's Jesus Calling. Your book left me with no other option. It answered every objection I could come up with. By the end of your book I knew I needed to get Jesus Calling out of my home. Thank you." - Robert

Use this online form to contact me. You can send comments, snarks, suggestions, and I'd really love to hear how RUN! It's Jesus Calling has impacted your life.

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