Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Jesus Calling Devotional Book Jesus Calling:
Is it True?

"Jesus Calling promotes mystical devotion to God and is based on words from Jesus beyond Scripture. As we shall see, Young puts New Age, panentheistic ideas into the mouth of Jesus Christ Himself. Like many such works, including the one by Roberts, Jesus Calling presents a romantic, sensual relationship to Jesus that is entirely inappropriate. In the book Young has Jesus repeatedly saying, "whisper my name." The romanticism and sensuality evidently appeals to many readers, since the book is a best-seller." Bob DeWaay - quoted from: A Review of Sarah Young's Jesus Calling

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Hudgik's book, "RUN! It's Jesus Calling," examines the Jesus Calling devotional from a Biblical perspective.

The result? In addition to being a New Age, panetheistic, mystical book, Jesus Calling falls far short of Biblical standards.

"Recently, we learned of another book examining Sarah Young's Jesus and his words. It is titled Run! It's Jesus Calling and it is authored by Pastor Steve Hudgik. This book is an excellent critical commentary on Jesus Calling, examining the words of Sarah Young's Jesus from the perspective of Scripture. Pastor Hudgik's book does a very good job of helping the reader to gain discernment skills, teaching the reader how to distinguish the voice of Jesus in Scripture." -- Herescope Blog, January 4, 2016

Following "Jesus" Away From Truth

To believe Jesus Calling is a Biblical devotional is to follow a false "Jesus" away from truth and into the pagan practices of New Age religion. But, you don't need to know about New Age to see that Jesus Calling is deceptive. Just compare what "Jesus" says in Jesus Calling with scripture. While it uses Christian words and phrases, this IS NOT a "Jesus" who is true to scripture.

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RUN! It's Jesus CallingTrue gospel or false gospel? True Jesus or false Jesus. True Biblical teaching or false teaching? Learn the truth in this new book that explores all aspects of the Jesus Calling Devotional.

Now available on Amazon: Run! It's Jesus Calling

Written in an easy-to-understand language, RUN! It's Jesus Calling takes you step-by-step through the various Biblical issues with Jesus Calling, and even shows you how to analyze any Jesus Calling devotion to reveal the un-Biblical teaching.

"I really love Chapter 11 and 12. Pastor Steve takes apart the words and parses them carefully, analyzing them bit by bit, giving readers a lesson in how to discern. This instructive lesson will carry over into other things they are reading. Plus it also deals with the mystical meditation advocated by Young’s Jesus." - Sarah Leslie, Discernment Research Group

In scripture the Apostle John repeatedly tells us to run from false teaching such as the Jesus Calling devotional. Don't invite them into your home, don't even give false teachers a greeting. Jesus spoke about and warned about false teachers more than any other topic. Read the Olivet Discourse. Over and over He warns us, do not be deceived. "Do not believe it." He even warns readers, "See, I have told you beforehand." Don't be deceived by false teachers.

RUN! It's Jesus Calling systematically addresses the excuses people use for reading the Jesus Calling devotional, even after they know it is not a god book to read... and it shows you why you should run from this book. For example, one of the main themes of Jesus Calling is coming into the presence of God. However, the presence of God as described in Jesus Calling is not the Biblical presence of God, it is an Eastern Religion practice that has its roots in Hinduism.

"I especially like chapter 13 because it “heads it off at the pass.” It deals directly with Young's Jesus’s false promises about “presence,” its touchy-feely desired effect (a lovey-dovey “soft, fluffy, comfortable Jesus”), and then refutes it from Scriptures. AND best of all RUN! It's Jesus Calling gives a clear Gospel message!" - Sarah Leslie, Discernment Research Group

The "Jesus" in Jesus Calling is not the Biblical Jesus!

To learn more about why you, and every Christian should run from the Jesus Calling devotional book, get your copy of RUN! It's Jesus Calling. It is available on Amazon both as a Kindle book and a printed book. 

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