Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Sarah Young's Jesus Always Devotion EXPOSED!

Table of Contents

Should You Run?

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Jesus Always is a deceptive book. Biblical words, phrases, and principles make it difficult to spot the false teaching at times. However, with the help of this book you'll be able to fit the pieces together and build a picture of truth.

RUN From Sarah Young's Jesus!The following is the table of contents for "Should You RUN From Jesus Always?" This is an abridged version of "Sarah Young's Jesus Always Devotion EXPOSED!" Links are provided when a chapter is available online. Please note, in order to keep the book to a reasonable length, this web site provides addition articles and information that is not included in the book.

1 - Test Yourself * Test Jesus Always
2 - I Read Jesus Always And...
3 - Why RUN From Jesus Always?
4 - Why Doesn't Jesus Understand What He Said In Scripture? Matthew 24:4-25:30
6 - Spotting New Age Teaching
7 - Why Doesn't Jesus Understand What He Said In Scripture? Psalm 46:10
8 - Break Time, A Lighter Look At The Problem of Jesus Speaking
9 - "My Presence" - What Does This Mean?
11 - The True Presence of Jesus
12 - What Keeps Us From God's Presence?
14 - Why Doesn't Jesus Understand Scripture - May 29th
23 - True Joy: What Does Scripture Say?
24 - True Joy: The Source of A Believer's Joy
25 - Depression & The Fruit Of The Spirit
26 - Jesus Speaking: Sinful or Acceptable?
27 - But, Jesus Speaking Makes The Book More Interesting
28 - But, Jesus Always Really Helped Me
29 - Trusting The Real Jesus To Heal You
30 - Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Length: 130 pages.

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