Should You Run From Jesus Always?

Does Jesus Have Multiple Personalities?

Jesus Always - Multiple PersonalitiesHere's something I thought was interesting: "Jesus" seems to have multiple personality disorder.

I've been working as a writer/editor since 1976, most of the time supervising a writing staff in an industrial setting. However, as a result of this experience I've developed the ability to, at times, distinguish writer's voices. Writers have unique styles, they make unique word choices, use different phraseology, and put their emphasis in different areas. The result is that each writer has a recognizable "voice." For example, in the Bible, Luke's writing is very easy to distinguish from John's.

This is my subjective opinion. I'm not a trained expert in this area. I'm just someone with a lot of experience, and what I “hear” in Jesus Always are at least two writers/editors and maybe as many as four. Is this a problem? Not necessarily. It is actually a normal way many books are written. In the 1990's my agent got additional work for me as a writer of individual chapters of a book that was on a tight deadline. I found I didn't like working without knowing the complete context of the book, but I learned that having multiple writers -- either ghost writing, or heavily editing -- is not uncommon.

So why do I say this about Jesus Always? Try reading the October 4th through 6th devotions. Then read the June 11th through June 13th devotions. They sound very different. The Jesus who is speaking in those June devotions seems to be a different Jesus than the one speaking in the October devotions.

Would this normally be a problem? No, it's not a problem. Without regard to the number of people involved in writing and editing a book, the author whose name is on the cover is responsible for the content. So Sarah Young is responsible for all of the content of Jesus Always, without regard to whether she is the actual author.

But, in Jesus Always it appears this is a problem.

This is just my opinion, but sometimes the “Jesus” of Jesus Always seems to be familiar with scripture and at other times he doesn't know what scripture is saying. It’s as though "Jesus" has multiple personalities, and he certainly is not the omniscient God of the Bible. Whatever is happening, this is not a "Jesus" you want teaching you about growing closer to God, how to live your life, or what scripture truly says.

RUN! from the Jesus Always devotional!!


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