Should You Run From Jesus Always?

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I Read Jesus Always And...

Reading Jesus AlwaysAs I read Jesus Always I could tell a lot of effort had gone into addressing the problems books such as Warren Smith’s Another Jesus Calling and my RUN! It’s Jesus Calling had revealed. For example, Jesus Always includes more “scripture” than Jesus Calling. Not only does every devotion have three or four scripture references, but Jesus quotes scripture in nearly every devotion. These quotes are put in italics so we can easily see where Jesus is quoting from scripture.

Jesus also encourages his readers to be in scripture and to be living in obedience to his will. He talks about sin and the cross. He states that he is the savior, and in a few devotions he declares he is the only savior and even proclaims the gospel.

So why am I wasting time writing this book? Is it because I hate Sarah Young and want to attack her no matter what she writes? No. I’m writing this book because I love the true Jesus as well as Sarah Young. And while she has included the gospel in Jesus Always, it also includes deadly poison

The Big Bowl of Skiddles

My favorite radio program is an internet radio show called Wretched. A few weeks ago the host, Todd Friel, gave an example that perfectly illustrates the problem with Jesus Always.

Imagine you have a big bowl Skiddles candies. You love Skiddles, but, someone has put a poison pill in that bowl. To eat that pill brings certain death.

The poison pill looks similar to a Skiddles, but you can tell them apart, if you take the time to look closely. You want to enjoy the wonderful flavors of those Skiddles, so what are you going to do? Will you:

A) Grab handfuls of Skiddles from the bowl and gulp them down, enjoying the pleasure of eating Skiddles.

B) Or will you slowly inspect each Skiddle before you eat it, hoping to spot the poison?

C) Or will you dump the bowl down the toilet, go to the store, buy more Skiddles, and then enjoy these pure Skiddles with no fear of poison?

Most people who read Jesus Always have chosen option “A,” not even knowing there is poison. You are in a better position. You have knowledge they don’t have. You know about the poison. So if you pick anything other than option “C,” you are not making a wise choice.

What if the bowl of Skiddles has an unknown number of poison pills? Some are easy to spot while others look very much like a Skiddle? Are you going to take a chance and eat from the bowl, or will you get a fresh bag of pure Skiddles? This second analogy is the more accurate description of Sarah Young’s Jesus Always. It includes scriptural truth that we love. But, in amongst that “good food” is poison. Some of it is easy to spot, but some looks very much like scriptural truth.

You are not willing to feed your physical body when there is a risk of that food including poison. I hope you are not willing to feed your soul, when there is a risk of poisoning your soul.

So What Is The Problem With Jesus Always?

That’s what this book is about, and I’ll provide scriptural proof that what I say is true. To give you a quick summary, there are two major problems.

1. Jesus Always presents a false Jesus who cannot save you, nor can he sanctify you. The "Jesus" of Jesus Always does not even correctly understand scripture! He's just another false Christ. Jesus, in Matthew 24:5, prophecies that during the end times there will be many false Christs:

For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.

Jesus Always - Practicing The PresenceAs you read this book you will learn, from scripture, why the Jesus of Jesus Always is a false Jesus who is trying to mislead you.

2. Jesus Always teaches a false religion based on New Age practices. The most common New Age practice in Jesus Always is that of Practicing the Presence (note the capital "P"). As you read this book you will learn what this means and how it differs from the presence of God as described in scripture. But here is a brief comparison:

New Age: everyone has God within them as a part of them. By practicing such disciplines as silence and living in the present (the now), you can become aware of God’s Presence within you and be guided by him.

The Bible: God is separate from us, but active in our lives. While the Holy Spirit dwells within believers, He is not a part of us. We become aware of God’s presence by seeing God working in and through our lives.

But, Jesus Always Is Filled With Scripture, How Can It Not Be Biblical?

As we look at some of the devotions in Jesus Always you’ll begin to see the problems--even just looking at it superficially. For example, here is an easy to spot problem. Jesus quotes scripture in nearly every devotion. The scripture is identified by italics. However, neither the translation nor the book, chapter, and verse are identified. Most of the quotes appear to come from the scripture referenced below the devotion, but not all. And you still need to look up each of the scripture references to figure out which one Jesus is quoting. Unless you are very Jesus Always Translationsfamiliar with scripture, this is inconvenient, laborious,and takes time. The result is the reading the quote within its context is difficult. And without the context, you don't know what the scripture is actually saying. That’s a problem.

But there’s more. When “Jesus” quotes scripture, he usually does not quote it. Instead he paraphrases it. That makes it harder to identify the book, chapter and verse. The problem just got worse..

I’d like to recommend you read a page in Jesus Always you most likely skipped. It’s the page that lists the Bible translations used as the sources of the scripture quotes. Be wary any time you see large numbers of translations referenced, such as you’ll see here. That usually means the author is picking and choosing a translation that makes scripture say what the author wants it to say. Jesus Always quotes from fourteen different translations. That should should alert you to be on the lookout for serious problems.

In addition, look at the quality of the translations. Jesus Always uses some excellent translations such as the KJV, NKJV and the NASB. But, it also uses some really bad translations such as The Message and the Good News Bible, as well as translations that have some problems such as the NET.

At this point there should be some BIG red warning lights and sirens going off in your head... and we haven't even begun to look at what the devotions say. Jesus Always, has major problems! It's a book all Christians should avoid.


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